What is Domthenation?

About Domthenation

Welcome, my fellow sick perverts and lovely humans. I’m Dom Kneel, and this is my domination film journal. You won’t find anything else like this site anywhere. I hope it will earn your attention.

My Philosophy

For too long, people who enjoy rough sex and BDSM have had to live in two separate worlds: the normal, respectable world; and the kinky world to which we sneak away when others aren’t looking.

For too long, when we’ve expressed our deeper thoughts and desires, we’ve had to choose between the high road or the low road: art and spirituality, or smut.

Our culture, rooted in sexual shame, has built a wall between our kinky desires and the other aspects of our humanity. With only rare exceptions, our art and academic institutions continue to shun the harder aspects of kinky sex, other than to sensationalize the normal people who enjoy it or use us as ladders for personal recognition. Meanwhile, our more hardcore forms of sexual expression continue to exist almost exclusively in a vacuum devoid of human tenderness, imagination, and creative and spiritual aspiration.

This is why I created Domthenation.

I believe that we can be sick, fucked-up brutal bastards; pathetic, degraded little bitches; bondage-loving weirdos; dominants and submissives; or whatever else; and that we can also be good, caring, loving, imaginative, creative, spiritually hungry, beautiful, funny, fun, and wise all at the same time. I believe we are multiple, in serial and parallel.

I believe that 99% of art and literature is unwhole or even dishonest, and 99% of pornography exists as an almost necessary reaction to the stifling environment in which we find ourselves.

I couldn’t find what I sought in academia or in books or films. Most porn left my brain and spirit unsatisfied. So I created this site to break down the mental walls we’ve inherited and to help illuminate and celebrate the full humanity of people who enjoy sexual kink, especially the more hardcore and taboo varieties of it.

My Goals

Domthenation goals

My hope is you’ll be entertained, whether you enjoy the lighter bondage you’ll find here or the extremely brutal, sadomasochist sex and filthy fetishes. I want you to enjoy your fantasies unashamedly here, and I want you to get off over and over again.

My hope is you’ll be moved. I want you to experience honest moments of filth and beauty and be transported to a strangely whole, integrated mental place you rarely get to go when reading or viewing anything else in our culture.

My hope is you’ll find new insights or ideas. I want you to be able to hear honest reflections from the people on this site and see us outside the context of staged productions. I also want you to find an occasional tutorial or creative idea that stimulates your brain when you’re not jerking off.

My hope is that together we’ll help to change the world. People who enjoy kinky sex also help old ladies cross the street and enjoy normal things in life. Our art, literature, laws, and ethics ought to reflect that. I hope this site can help prove it.

My Approach

Domthenation gear

Domthenation is filmed mostly by me, on private land in remote areas infused with the grandeur of nature. I film in harsh sun and pitch-black night, in the desert wind and pouring rain, and everything in between. And it’s filmed in real-time, without the large crew and numerous takes that would normally be needed to make such documentary filming feasible.

Not only this, but in many situations, I am filming with anamorphic lenses to capture the incredible beauty attainable in even the darkest, roughest sexual scenarios. These lenses are huge and heavy but worth the trouble when they can be used.

I’m able to film in these situations, even with anamorphic glass, thanks to state-of-the-art gear—much of which has only come to exist in the past few years. A lot of gear is highly customized as well. Most of the microphones are custom-manufactured for the site. Most of the camera rigs are specially made with equipment and parts from around the world. And several talented BDSM craftspersons and companies have contributed to the gear in various ways.

Of course, there’s also a lot of elbow grease involved. I travel with 118 items on my packing list. I do it because I love it. I love dominating beautiful, submissive and masochistic women more than anything else in life. I love sharing what I do. And I stand for all of you out there just trying to live free and whole, and I hope we can change the culture just a little bit for others like us.

Thank you for reading, and welcome to my journey.